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Your Total Logistics Solutions



With reliable partners located in key transport hubs around the world, we are able to negotiate space on container vessels for break bulk cargo. We are one of the few forwarders with open channels to the right people in liner teams with knowledge of this type of shipping.

Coordination with the right people within the port is essential to allowing transportation to connect with vessels, storage and handling. Our experienced teams will meet and instruct the key personnel to ensure the correct methodology is employed by terminals, who are often more used to handling containers rather than specialist break bulk cargo.

  • Cost efficient and highly professional cargo handling
  • Efficient tally and supervision of cargo discharge/load
  • Continuous management at every stage of the shipment
  • On board stevedoring teams
  • Tarps, blankets, straps and pads
  • Freight recovery services
  • Hazardous shipment handling
  • Oversize / overweight cargo handling
  • Special permit requirements
  • Charter, part Charter and conventional services.