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Dangerous Good Handling


We are committed to delivering the best services as promised, including the transportation of Dangerous Goods.

Dangerous Goods are handled by an experienced team who makes sure that the documentation and packaging of these shipments receive the highest priority.

We take on the challenges of handling of dangerous goods for our customers by ocean freight.

  • Category 1: Explosives
  • Category 2: Gases, non-flammable gases and poisonous gases
  • Category 3: Flammable Liquid
  • Category 4: Flammable Solids, spontaneously combustible and dangerous when wet
  • Category 5: Oxidizing agent and organic peroxide
  • Category 6: Toxic substance
  • Category 7: Radioactive
  • Category 8: Corrosive substance
  • Category 9: Misc. dangerous goods

*The IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) code is a set of rules and regulations that have set an industry standard for safely practicing the movement of Dangerous Cargo throughout international territories.